Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week One:

During my first week we stayed at the Lazydays campground in Tampa, Florida. It's a nice campground with a sort of sub-urban feel to it because it is all paved and is lacking in the camping aspect. None the less it is nice, and the staff at Lazydays is, as always, extremely friendly and welcoming (although I did get stopped by the security guards at night for being outside, throws them off when their guests are under 80.) It was cool to stay there because I got the chance to see some of the different RVs out there on display, if I ever decide to continue doing this after my welcome at my parents house expires. We went to the Busch Gardens theme park while there because we have year passes to get us in to that and Seaworld year round. I also got to see my Aunt Diana and cousin for the first time in a while, which was cool. We didn't stay there long, about 5 days. Then we packed up our house and hit the road.

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