Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

This 'news' is at the place where I feel comfortable making it public I suppose. I am no longer traveling with my family, but I am living in an RV of my own now. I have a 400 watt electric scooter that is unable to pull said 40 foot RV (at least not well) so I decided to settle down with it an get a job. So no more traveling for me for now.

My parents like to go some place warm each winter and 'settle down' for a bit. Usually this settling down means just staying in one state, but still traveling around that state. For from most peoples opinion of the meaning of settling down, to my parents its like being in jail. We all decided to try and get jobs while we were here in Florida for this winter. My mother and I got a job at the Thousand Trails Orlando park. The opportunity came around for me to buy an RV from a co-worker who decided to move back home and settle down for a semi-retirement of sorts. (Much more to his story, but I don't feel the right to publish it.) He gave me a knock out price and has been infinitely flexible and accommodating to my poor status.

This has been a weird and uncharted territory for me on many levels, buying something of worth, having a home of my own, entering a payment agreement (beyond a cell phone or rent) and many other things that I am experiencing for the first time. In a matter of months I feel I have grown in many ways I couldn't have predicted half a year ago.

Anyways, as this news comes, it may be obvious that the theme I have had for this blog is no longer appropriate. In was planning on dropping the blog all together, but decided I would just switch it from a travel themed blog to a more general blog.

So on that note I will start things off with a bang (wink wink). Last night, around 3 am, I'm sitting at home half asleep in my chair reading. When suddenly I hear a loud double boom like someone had fired both rounds of a double barrel shotgun inside my house. The whole RV shook and rattled fiercely. Adrenaline rushing through my system jerked me to full alertness. My mind quickly scrambled to make sense of what had happened, my immediate conclusion was someone ran into the side of my RV with a golf cart and then my water tanks or something fell off. (I've been having slight trouble with my water tanks leaking, so the idea came to my mind quickly.) Scared, I ran outside with a flashlight and examined the area. My neighbor was doing the same thing. Both our rigs were unscathed. All the animals and birds in the area seemed to be startled awake, the woods around me seemed to be alive with just about every one of them crying out in alarm. Someone had to have fired a gun, this was louder then fireworks or thunder. I thought to call 911 and report it, then decided I would instead look online at live 911 calls and see if anyone else had done the same. Nothing came up and I slowly calmed down and decided it wasn't important. Long story short, space shuttle Endeavor landed safely.... >.>

Oh, also, it is June 1st, the first day of hurricane session. So, nature having received the memo, sent a 'quasi-tropical-storm' (as the weather man says,) through today.... That was fun.

Aaaaanywaaays, See ya all around.

My parents left me here with no way to get around or anything. Getting to the store is hard, send food please.

I'm joking, had to make a jab at my parents somewhere in here, no need to really send food Grandma.