Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lipizzan Horses / Grillin' n' Chillin'

Lipizzan Horses:
My and my mother went to a place (Site located Here) that trained a rare and beautiful breed of horses known as the Lipizzan Stallions of Austria.

During the winter off season they do practice sessions where they demonstrate the athleticism and agility of these graceful animals. Attendance is free, but donations are welcome. It was neat that the stables were open which allowed you to go in and see the horses up close and pet them.

Grillin' n' Chillin':
We attended the local cook off type of thing held here in Wauchula known as "Grillin' n' Chillin'". They blocked off part of Main Street and held a sort of competition which had the category of Pork, Chicken, Chili, and Deserts. They also had a small local car show. Here's some images:

If our Internet wasn't so slow I would have more up. If I find a feasible solution to that problem, such as a hot spot, I may upload more. They will be in my photo album if I do which you can find a link to in the left column. They had live music and a radio station playing music live in another part. They had a bit more cars then what I'm showing here including an old Monte Carlo, a Contender, another 70's era Mustang (I had to have the image of the Boss though), and a few other timeless classics like a Cuda, a Cutless, and a couple Caddys. [list subject to error]

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  1. Looks like fun! Love the Mustang. My father-in-law had a beautiful '67 convertible that he used to take to car shows. He won quite a few trophies so now we're partial to Mustangs. Great blog- I love reading your take on life on the road.:)