Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Animal Rescue

Across the street from the campground is a rather small animal rescue located on a couple of acres hidden behind a few things such as another campground. I don't have any images because I didn't have my camera yet. My mothers blog at ShowUsTheWorld has images.

In order (following the tail in a clockwise fashion):
A common American short hair cat which followed us around,
Grey Vultures Everywhere (not part of the rescue, but there in a multitude),
Grey Foxes,
Brown Bear,
Otter (Supposedly, I didn't see any),
Horned Owl,
Turtles (though I'm not sure they we're actually part of the rescue),

Not a rather long list, but still a very interesting place.

If your at the Thousand Trails campground in Wauchula this is a good place to go mainly because of how close it is. I think it is $4 to get in, my mom has a family pass for the year because she considers this the closest thing to home, and likes the rescue a lot.

More to come, stay tuned.

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