Monday, March 22, 2010

Huh? Oh, Not Much.

We're back in Wauchula, Florida, this week. And we will be in Clermont again in the next week or so. So, to the question of what I've done; I suppose the best answer is to say we're dancing on the face of Florida. Now I've been told that once we head out I'll see a blue moon before I'm bored again (supposing of course I'm wearing blue tainted lenses). Here, the closest thing to fun is watching the orange trucks pass full one way and empty the other in a nearly non-stop fashion. I hope the rest of America likes oranges.

If things weren't so wet I'd be much happier to trek the wetlands of Florida. We've had a drought the past 8 years or so, so I'm not use to them living up to their name; and I wouldn't care if it were not for the fact I recently received new shoes which now look to be a few years old. On the bright side I'm getting to see more wildlife on this side of the state. There is an Osprey that is a supposed regular in the forest hear that I only had the chance to see once while here. I did however get the opportunity to get very close to a Red Shouldered Hawk and grab some pictures.

This isn't the closest picture, but its the clearest. I walked away and noticed the lens of my camera was just awful. The way this thing acted it had to be protecting a nest; and before you say its to cold to lay eggs remember its Florida and spring for us started last year, quite warm here. I will try and go back tomorrow quite possible with a better camera to grab some more pictures. I'll keep ya'll updated (ya'll being my mom, who happens to be in the same room as me.)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I've Done (by Linkin Park) Lately.

Alright, so it's been some time since my last post. I have for the most part stayed indoors and currently trying to read every book in my collection; a feasibly impossible task giving I only have a year or so, but none the less fun... to me. Of the few things I have done other then sit in a chair and stare at words, I didn't take pictures. (Because my batteries were dead, and I'm lazy. I took my camera to the museum and didn't take a single picture from some odd reason.)

First, I went to SeaWorld with my dad. They didn't want to let me in because supposedly my fingerprint didn't match (for some odd, unknown reason... as far as I know my thumb is the same.) Once I did get in it was cool. The dolphin cove is something I haven't seen before. Their exhibits were very nice, and although I always had the feeling like I've seen it all somewhere before, it was always with the side thought that it was done better here. Unfortunately the trainers were not allowed into the tanks with the whales because of the recent incident, so I kind of got cheated for a first time experience, but like I said, it was still cool none the less.

Like I said, I didn't bring my camera, so this is going to have to do:

No, I didn't really get to ride Shamu (except in my head), but you get the general idea.

Second, I went to the Presidents Museum in Claremont, Florida. This place was really neat, but was so packed with stuff it was overwhelming and almost to much to take in. The man who created the place was a wood carver and a very talented one at that. The displays were creative to say the least, and what they lacked in flash they made up for in creativity.

Third, I just been hanging around the campground. The trails here are very nice, at least in the sense that I wasn't expecting much from Orlando as far as trails go. They have a lake where you can 'rent' rowboats, which I did, and that was fun.

Here is a picture of the dock, you can kind of see the rowboats to the right in the image thought they are in shadow.
It rained for two days straight: Thursday and Friday. But as you can see, now its clear and beautiful, though windy.