Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solomon's Castle

Me and my Father ventured out to go see a place known as Solomon's Castle located near Ona, Florida.

I didn't bring my camera much to my regret, but the website has plenty of pictures and is worth checking out. I went to see the castle bit, but was pleasantly surprised that the man who build it, Howard Solomon, is a very talented artist and sculptor as well. Honestly, it was a great thing to visit. I got to stop and talk to Howard for about 10 minutes and he is a clever and well humored man. I have to admit so far this somewhat dinky attraction is by far my favorite. Much like at the Ringling Museum of Art, something about seeing art in person inspires me. We ran in to our neighbors from the campground while there by coincident. I honestly think Tom believes me to be stalking him, but let it publicly be known I am making no attempt to do so.

[And so I am thus far caught up in what I have done since I moved in a few weeks ago. More to come, as it comes.]

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  1. I can't get over how well you write. I believe your blog is quickly going to become one of my favorites to read.