Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On The Road Again

Welcome to my blog. My name is Aric Showalter and I am living full time in an RV with my parents and brother, traveling through North America a week at a time discovering and exploring whatever we can find.

My parents brother and sister have been traveling for the past two years in this fashion and I recently switched places with my sister to experience something not many get to experience, and something I may not get the opportunity to experience again.

I am 18 years old and when my parents first decided to do this when I was 16 I decided to move out and get a job because my view back then was that living the life style they envisioned seemed to me to be unstable. My fear was that I would be unable to move out when I wanted and get a job and so on. I moved in with my best friend who I have known since 6th grade. I got a job at a restaurant and was promoted to manager within a few months. I got to experience all that I had hoped to get out of having an independent life style, and through that also found a new respect for living rent free in my parents home.

My younger sister then decided to move in with my older sister and a spot opened up in the RV and I politely got on my knees and asked my parents to allow me to move back in and travel with them. Sometimes its nice to see things in a new light, and luckily they said yes.

So I plan to document what I can about my travels. I am a sole man, with a camera and a computer and a chance of a lifetime in my hands. Once which I intend to share with the world.

You can find my mothers blog at
There you can backtrack through the past few years to see what they have been doing, and what I intend to be a part of.

Ciao, and stay tuned.

[these next few posts will be me backtracking through what I've been through so far.]

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