Friday, February 26, 2010

Air Museum

Today my mother, brother, and I met up with the Evens family at the Fun 'n Sun Florida Air Museum.

We only got to be there for a half hour due to planning issues and my brothers lack of negotiation skills. None the less it was cool to see historical planes up close and personal. Heres a view of the hanger.

It was cool to meet the Evans family, they seem like a warm and happy crowd. I was tired and less then talkative but I still had fun. We went out to a Mexican restaurant afterwards, one which claimed to be the best in Florida though I tend to disagree; not that it was bad, but I've had better here. It is getting chilly here again and I hope that doesn't last long. I suppose it could be a lot worse as anyone from anywhere else in the states would testify, none the less I'm shivering as I write this. Did someone forget to make the sacrifice to the sun god Ra this year around, or is it just me who is wondering when global warming kicks in?

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  1. My sons would love this! What a fun place to visit.