Monday, April 12, 2010

On the Road Again...

Finally, much to my mothers relief, we are on the road and heading out today. We're leaving Florida behind with only me shedding tears on that fact, and we're heading to Summerton, South Carolina. A name that is hard to live up to since we are coming from the sunshine state, but I'm sure its a nice enough place.

Auburn stole back Ace during the past weekend much to my displeasure. My mom is happy about that though [shakes fist], only because he was shedding his winter coat during the week he was here. I'm sure all the mothers are nodding in agreement with her though.

I have to sit next to this guy the whole way there. He wants you all to know he got his post up minutes before I did, therefore he wins, what do you think? ^^

Friday, April 9, 2010

Soon, my pretty.

We're back in Clermont and will be heading north some time next week. We're all getting excited... I guess. For the past week I've been taking care of my sister's dog, Ace, who I adore a lot.

Other then that there hasn't been much happening. Auburn should be coming over tomorrow which will be cool.