• 日本語:
    I am studying Japanese using the AJATT method. You start by learning all the Kanji, I'm using the recommended "Remember the Kanji" book by Dr. Hisng. After you learn the meaning of the Kanji, then you learn the pronunciation and particles of speech. It sounds backwards, but honestly it is proven to be the most effective way to learn and if you intend to learn Japanese, AJATT is a great place to start. Katzumoto has set up a well defined, yet loose system of learning and provides much inspiration that comes in handy along the way.
  • Music:
    I love playing and listening to music. Currently I only have a guitar, but would love to have a keyboard so I can play piano again as well. My musical interests range from Folk Rock to Classical music and everything in between.
  • Reading:
    I am an active reader and easily get lost in the world of books. Technically I'm not suppose to read books in English as I'm learning Japanese because it doesn't support the immersion environment, but I don't know enough Japanese as of yet to read books in that; once I do, I'll switch over.
  • Writing:
    I like to write poetry and short storys, but haven't done much of that lately. Luckily though I find my output in that area through this blog as of now.
  • Outdoors:
    I am an outdoorsy person. I like to jog, hike, kayak and everything in between. I'm not competitive in nature and so don't consider myself a sports player, but I am having a lot of fun playing PickleBall with my family and new friends. One very nice thing about this life style is you get to be around the outdoors a lot more so then when I was living in Fort Lauderdale, where my only real options where walking and running and occasionally going to the beach.
  • Computers:
    I am a computer fanatic. When I go to collage I plan to major in Computer Science and minor in Electrical Engineering. I dabble in as much as I can when it comes to computers. I'm vastly interested in exploring new operating systems having used a ton, my laptop I'm on now boots 5 different operating systems. I am more interested in historical systems then modern ones as far as hobbies goes. I enjoy programming and graphical design as well. I could go on about computers but it would dwarf the other sections in size so won't.
That's all for now. Once I get deep enough into Japanese I will have a Japanese book list on this page as well.