Thursday, October 14, 2010

Williamsburg, to Memaws!

We're staying at the Outdoor World in Williamsburg, VA. Which is a beautiful woodsy campground. It's always kind of scary pulling into this campground because the trees are more present through out the actual camping area compare to most Thousand Trails; which basically translates into everyone except my Dad being scared of hitting one as we're pulling in. Once we do get pulled in it is nice being in a campground that actually feels like camping.

The first day after we pulled in me and my brother headed over to Busch Gardens. During this time of year they model the park after a Halloween theme. For those that have never been to the Busch Gardens here, it is made to resemble various areas through Europe, and is divided into such areas as Italy, Germany, France, England and Ireland. During this time of year they split the areas into different legends and monsters. For example, Germany has Vampires and Werewolves and France has Ghouls and Ghosts. In each section they had a haunted house based on that theme.

They did very well in my opinion on playing on these themes. I have never been in a haunted house before then, and it was a unique experience doing it with my brother. Him and I don't really respond to fear like most people around us did, In fact we look at it kind of humorously. I remember everyone glaring at me after watching Paranormal Activity because I couldn't stop laughing. And I'm sure the employees trying their hardest to scare us here didn't much appreciate us just laughing at them and making comments. For example, A guy jumped out of the bushes to scare Austin, and all he said was "Come on Dad, get out of the bushes." Though most scares were responded with something along the lines of "Why Hello there, how are you doing?"

Tomorrow we are heading over to my grandmothers house. We always love to visit her, and it will be nice to see her now both because its close to the family centered holidays, and because her birthday was very recent (also, it's not snowing yet, which makes things easier for us with the RV.) All in all I think its just about the perfect time for us to visit. As always I'm looking very much forwards to visiting her.

Williamsburg a a great city to visit, the historical activities are countless. Its raining a bit these last few days, but thats fine, I like rain. It was warm when we arrived, but luckily the rain has brought with it cooler weather. We haven't gotten around to visiting any of the historical sites so far this visit, but I'm sure we will. I'm trying to enjoy everything as much as possible seeing how these are probably the last few months I will be with my family, and the last few weeks we will be somewhere other then Florida. I hope everyone is enjoying the Halloween session, and I hope to see all my loved ones soon.

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