Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here you go grandma!

I know you've been dying for me to update [here, instead of small lazy posts on facebook]. I'm to lazy to start up X11 sometimes, and the internet is always slow enough to discourage me from using it. But where I am at has a decent connection, so here it is.

After my last post, we visited my grandmothers house. Me and my brother spent the week there and had a great time. We then headed south to North Carolina for my dad to do some job training. The park we stayed at had free coffee and a nice air conditioned and beautiful lounge, but I didn't end up spending much time in it, I was caught up in a book and Austin was still at my grandmas, and my parents were doing their job training, so I spend most of my time with Coco. While there we went over to the mountains that boarder NC and TN. Saw some awesome waterfalls and the highest mountain in the Appalachian Trail and Little Switzerland. We ate at some Mexican restaurant that looked shabby but the food was to die for, which seems to be a common theme amongst Mexican restaurants.

Afterwards we headed over to the Pidgin Forge area of Tennessee. The Smokey Mountains were cool, but it seems that they are not what they use to be because of smog and such; which is a shame. There are more attractions in Pidgin Forge then in Orlando which shocked me more then anything because its in the middle of Tennessee, similarly though everything is expensive. My Aunt and Uncle and their kids hung out with us here, and this was around me and my moms birthday because we celebrated that then.

Then we headed up to Mercersburg, Pennsylvania to do my dads first job. I went with him often and had a fun time helping him out. He did fairly well for his first job and I was very proud of him. Then we headed up to Springfield, Vermont and everything was dead as nails. We were unable to sell enough Ads there.

Next we headed to Jefferson, Ohio where we met up with Rene and Mira which was really cool. It was nice to be back in Thousand Trails playing pickleball with friends. We headed to Cortland, Ohio to play with a bunch of people that play over there. The people there were incredibly nice, and very fun to play with. We went out to eat one nice with Rene and Mira at a some lodge like restaurant there, and they had the best burgers I have ever had. Mira made some spaghetti one night for us all to eat, and the sauce was delightful, and my mom and dad made a turkey dinner another night to return the favor. Me and my brother played billiards often and everyone but my dad went around and viewed the covered bridges in the area. It was all very fun.

Next we went to Celina, Ohio for another job. It was a very nice area surrounding the Great Lake in the middle of Ohio. Unfortunately the whole area was suffering because the lake has some algae in it that disables the lake of use. I don't really know the full story, but my understanding is that it could paralyze you, so you can't even touch the water. The good news is that they think they have an effective algaecide that they were testing while we were they that they hope might work and be able to fix the problem. I have my fingers crossed for the area because it was a very nice place. The tap water tasted like rust, if you're in the area, buy bottled.

After that we headed north to Gaylord, Michigan were we are at now. The campground here is very nice and the weather is nicer. Great staff, nice facilities, and good Internet. I hope to post pictures soon.

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